By Roxy Storm

we recently came back from Alaska and wanted to share some photos of this amazing trip.

even the plane ride up was pretty spectacular, here are the 3 sisters in Oregon

three sisters in Oregon on the way to Alaska

we landed in Fairbanks at 11p, picked up our rental, and headed straight to the highest peak around to check out the northern lights. they were spectacular that night: an incredibly bright, vivid, and crystal clear curtain of lights dancing in the sky. greens with violet and pink highlights, as if you were seeing watercolor being applied from below, looking up, the colors dripping down. words do not do the lights justice, and neither do photos really because to take a photo of them the camera has to have the lens open for several seconds to capture enough light, so you never get the crispness that you witness first-hand. in any case we didn’t get any good photos that night (we hadn’t had time to get the setting right!) but here is a photo posted on the @usinterior Instagram taken by Kent Miller that night to give you a sense of what they are like.

USinteriorLightsUSinteriorLightsa photo of the northern lights swiped from the @usinterior Instagram account taken by Kent Miller

the next day we decided to try to get our hands on some fatbikes and snowshoes to play on the snow. to our dismay, all the fatbikes were already rented out for the season. doh! but snowshoes were to be found at Beaver Sports so we headed there and found the shop also had a bike shop. we explained our predicament and asked we asked if we could use one for a quick photo shoot, and they not only said “sure!” they took us on a short ride to show us an incredible trail system behind the shop and invited us on a longer ride the next day.
have you ridden a fatbike on snow? it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

here are some photos that will soon show up on the website showing off our winter gear

fatbikes are SO MUCH FUN! a super huge THANK YOU to Beaver Sports for making it happen!


fatbikes + snow = FUN

happy happy joy joy


after that super morning we headed out to do some snowshoeing